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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How is Injury Case Funding different?

A.  Our experienced personnel will process your request in a professional and timely manner.  We are very fast!!!  As a regional leader in our industry, ICF is committed to promptly processing and funding your request.  ICF sets the standard for client service.

Q.  How does the funding process work?

A.  ICF will review your loan request based on the merits of the case.  No consideration will be given to your credit history or your financial status.  To best understand your case, ICF will speak with you and your attorney.  Based on a positive evaluation, a funding authorization will be approved.

Q.  Are there any fees associated with an Injury Case Funding loan?

A.  No, applying is free of charge.  An ICF loan is limited to the repayment of the loan principal and accrued interest.

Q.  When am I required to repay the loan?

A.  When your case settles, your attorney will pay the ICF loan in full. 

Q.  Can I pre-pay my loan before my case settles?

A.  Absolutely!  You may pay any amount on the loan.  An ICF loan imposes no prepayment penalties.

Q.  Are bank loans available to my family?

A.  Generally, lending institutions will not loan funds on pending lawsuit because of the risk factors.

Q.  Does an ICF loan affect my case in anyway?

A.  By reducing the financial hardships, clients are frequently able to achieve an acceptable settlement.

Q.  What is the first step in the process of obtaining a loan from ICF?

A.  ICF will request your contact information, description of the case and your attorney’s contact information.  The process continues when ICF contacts your attorney to evaluate the case.

Q.  How long does it take to receive funding?

A.  Typically, ICF is able to process and evaluate your case within 24 hours after receipt of the requested information.  Once our offer has been accepted, loan documents are sent for execution.  Upon return of the loan documents, funds will be sent via ACH or by a check.

Q.  Will ICF consider additional loans on my case? When?

A.  Yes.  ICF will consider requests for additional funding in thirty day intervals.  ICF will contact your attorney to obtain an update on your case and will contact you regarding the request.

Q.  If my child (a minor) was injured in an accident, can I obtain a loan?

A.  No, the person applying for the loan must be of legal age.  A minor cannot be bound to a legal contract nor can the parent or legal guardian take a loan against a child’s pending lawsuit or settlement.

Q.  If my spouse is part of the lawsuit does he/she have to sign the loan documents?

A.  Yes, you are requesting a loan against the future proceeds to be awarded to the both parties of the case.

Q.  Will Injury Case Funding be involved in my case?

A.  No.  The case proceedings and your decision to settle the legal matter are between you and your attorney.

Q.  Why was my case denied for funding?

A.  After evaluation, it may be determined that your case does not currently meet our funding criteria.  However, your case may be reviewed again at a later date.

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